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First time pottying on the potty--Freak out?

DD is a bit of a perfectionist so I think we're going to forego the 3-day for now.  I took her in with me tonight just to try it out while I was going to the bathroom, and I turned on the sink faucet to help her.  When she stood up and realized she had pottied in the chair, she had an absolute freak out!  I was trying to praise her and be excited and she was crying as if she had fallen down and scraped her knees.  Has anyone else had this happen?  She was really excited about sitting on the potty chair and I think she thought it was just a special name for a different type of furniture for her bedroom (she carried it around with her for a while getting used to it).  Was it just because I didn't give her enough time to get used to the chair?  Thoughts would be appreciated.
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