OMG...BF's wedding--

So, some of you know all of the drama surrounding my BF's wedding, and how none of us like his now wife.  So, the wedding was Saturday and it truely was a beautiful wedding.  Everything went off without any problems and she was actually not bad to be around at all.  The wedding was nice and all of us cringed when they pronounced them husband and wife....The reception was awesome and everyone was having a good time and then it happened.  He was (BF) dancing with his new neice who is 9 and I see him out of the corner of my eye fall on her.  And, I'm not talking, slipped or lost his footing and fell, I'm talking passed out and fell on her.  So, everyone scooped her up and rushed her over to the side and he got up and followed.  He didn't hurt her, i think he just scared her really bad.  So, everyone is tending to her and I look at him and he just looks like he is out of it.  He is staring into space and I keep saying, "Whats wrong? Whats wrong?" and he's looking at me, but there is nothing there.  So, my husband picks him up and carrys him outside.  Then it got crazy!  He went limp and couldn't stand and his eyes were rolling into the back of his head.  I told his dad that something was wrong, it wasn't from drinking too much.  He started puking (all over my DH and his dad!) and he said he couldn't breathe.  So, I called 911 and they rushed him to the ER!  About 5 of us from the wedding followed the ambulance and sat in the ER until about 2:00 in the morning.  They said that he was really dehyrated and all he had drank the entire day was beer, so that is not going to hydrate you.  They did blood work and a CT scan and nothing else was wrong, so.  Then we found out that right before he fell onto her neice he looked at her and said, "Where am I?" and then fell on her.

 I felt so bad for him because what a thing to happen on your wedding night.  And, they had to leave for their honeymoon yesterday at 7:30..which they ended up making.  They released him from the hospital at about 3:30 in the morning.  He said that once they got fluids going he started to feel a ton better.  i just cannot believe that it even happened.  His mom was at my house yesterday and she said that he just kept telling his new wife that he was sorry and he didn't mean to ruin her day.  I feel so bad for him, but at the same time cannot wait to laugh at him when they get home.  It wasn't funny when it was happening, but now that all is said and done and we know he is alright, it's pretty darn funny!  At least they will have something to tell their kids!

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