WTF is up with the new format!?

THIS SUCKS A$$!  I want the old one back.  Even the double scroll wasnt this annoying.  Are the Nest Gods seriously trying to get us all to leave?  I may start looking for a new parenting board now.  This is the last straw! 


 Dear Nest Gods,

Please stop messing with the format.  We were very happy with the original and this current new one is the worst.  Just because you get bored doesnt mean you have to screw up the format. 

Thank you,

One pi$$ed off nestie of 7+ years.



Re: WTF is up with the new format!?

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    Here's an idea for the nest gods. Why don't you fix the freaking search feature and whatever else is broken on the old format instead of making up newshitty formats?
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