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I hate the binkie....need advice

DD just turned 2 years old and she oves her binkie (or blee blee) as she callse it.  DH and I are bound and determined to get rid of that thing very soon.  We have limited her to only having it at nap time or when she goes to bed.  Occasionally she will get it in the car if she is tired. 

I was hoping someone could offer some tips to getting rid of them. Some people say to just get rid of them or put them out of the binkie fairy...cut the ends off of them......any one work better than the others????


Re: I hate the binkie....need advice

  • Ours was in the same boat. We threw away all binkies but one, and snipped the end of it off. Few days later, snipped a little more, and so on. I think we had three snips, and he was done with it. Very minimal crying (if any) and it was over. It was sooooo much easier than I expected it to be! Good luck!
  • I dreaded this too.....we were down to 1 in bed only.  Then he chewed a hole in it and I said "uhoh, now we have to throw it away".....he threw it in the garbage and that was the end of that......no crying or sleepless nights.  I was confused and thrilled! 


  • DS was limited to just his crib for his "ming" and one day I just decided it was done.  I cut the tips, he tried them and discovered they were broken, and we threw them away.  He cried a little the first night but that was it.  He didn't sleep as long the first week and naps were iffy but after that he went back to normal.  If you want to get rid of it make sure you look everywhere and find the hidden ones.  DS found one under his dresser after a few weeks but I was luckily able to distract him and throw it away.  Stay strong.
  • I did the "binkie fairy".  My DD only had her binkie for nap and bed time so one night we took them before bed, put them on the table and told her we were leaving them for the binkie fairy to take to little babies that need them, she's a big girl now, not a baby so she doesn't need them anymore. I told her maybe the fairy will leave something special for her.  After she went to bed I threw the binkies out and left a new teddy bear where they were on the table so when she woke up in the morning she saw the bear sitting there.  It took about 3 or 4 days of her asking/crying for it when she went down for nap or bed, I just kept reminding her that she left them for the fairy and she got that bear for being a big girl.  After the few days she stopped asking for it and we've been binkie free ever since.  Good luck!!
  • We cut off the ends of them.  She would put them in her mouth and immediately take them out.  It took less than a week for her to adjust to it.
  • For those who have done this, did you have a baby in the house who used them?  I dont know how to do this because her baby sister uses binkys and she sometimes grabs them and puts them in her mouth.  She seems to know they are different than hers but I worry there will be a never ending trail of binkys around the house...
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