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11 months old and still not sleeping!

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Hey ladies I need some help!  My son will be a year Feb 12, 2011 and he is still not sleeping through the night! I have tried keeping him up later and putting him to bed earlier neither work!  He gets up at about midnight or 2 and then at 4.  He wants a bottle and screams bloody murder if we dont give him one!  He def is not starving he weighs 25lbs.  Any other suggestions?

Re: 11 months old and still not sleeping!

  • how is your bedtime routine, do you have one?  i take DD upstairs between 7-730pm every night...sometimes i let her play in her room as i get her bag together for the next day...she gets a bath, bottle (although now im weaning off), i rock her for a couple of minutes (but to start out maybe 15-20 minutes), than i lay her in her bed...at first she would scream...maybe for 15-30 minutes...i would go in her room, not say a word, lay her back down and give her her paci...leave & close door...sometimes she would get back up and scream more, but i wouldnt go back in...after about a week and half, i could lay her down woke and she would just rollover...if your son eats good dinner and you know he isnt hungry, i wouldnt give him a bottle in the middle of the night...i would let him scream, he will eventually fall asleep
  • Give him a bottle of water. He might drink it the first night and maybe half the second night but then he will realize waking up for water is not worth it!
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  • My son is the same way he is 10 months and I'm now doing the CIO, for I know he isn't hurting or hungry it hurts to let him cry but he his crying is slowly diminishing nightly it started at almost 2 hours and now to maybe 5 minutes. So hang in there
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