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I figured I'd pull my answer out of the TTC thread for easier reading.

First, thanks for the compliments! we got super lucky with our kids :)

As for your question, the fact that you are looking to adopt from the state does change things (btw, that would not be considered a domestic adoption, but rather a foster-adopt.  its just semantics, really, but it'll help you to know the terminology when seeking info).  When you are adopting from foster care, things get a lot more flexible.  You generally can continue TTCing (we did for over a year), but depending on your situation and case worker a pregnancy may or may not impact a match. 

If you have any other questions about the process, don't hesitate to email me (ec371 at aol.com) or just post 'em here.  The process to become a foster parent is the same as to adopt from foster care so i'm quite familiar ;) 

best of luck at the info session tomorrow!

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  • Thank you :)  see?!  I know nothing.  Yes.  We are going to a session tomorrow night about foster-adopting.  We have always said we would adopt once we each carried one baby but thought we would get our biological needs out of the way first. The longer this stretches on.. the sillier that idea becomes.  So we have decided to at least start.  From what I understand, it takes a long time (judging from your blog, a lifetime!) to even get into the system and so, depending on how long it takes us, we will reevaluate where we are once we get there.  That way, if we are pregnant, or the timing isn't ideal, we will already have our feet wet and be in the system.

     Thanks!  I can't wait!  I am trying to keep my expectations low but it feels good to start, I might be failing! 

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  • i know what you mean :)

     but it is exciting! embrace it!

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