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First appointment and U/S at 6 weeks...

My OB schedules first appintments and ultrasounds at 6 weeks.  I am just wondering what we can expect to see...  can you hear the heart beat that early?

Re: First appointment and U/S at 6 weeks...

  • No heart beat, but I saw a dot and the sack... that's about it.
  • I had a heart beat but not many do. I was very lucky!
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  • I saw the heart blinking away, and a small little bean, you can see it PIP below.
  • I saw my HB @ 123 today!!  6 weeks 5 days!  Although they did warn me before that they may not see it yet.  Mine was a transvaginal too.
  • We saw a heartbeat and a tiny little bean at 6w2d.
  • Saw (not heard) the heartbeat at 6w1d.

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  • Didn't see or hear anything at 6w4d with transvaginal. Still hoping for the best!
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  • we saw the hb at 6w2d. Don't be discouraged if you don't see one. It still may be too early. GL!

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  • with the first pregnancy, we saw the HB at 6w 4d.  since i'm out of town right now, our first appt. this time is at 8 weeks :(
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