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Hospitalized at 24 weeks, IUGR


I have been on this board before.  Story of my background - I was diagnosed at 20 weeks with IUGR.  When I went in this week for my 24 appt, my IUGR is more severe than they thought and the blood flow through the cord is not good and they are worried about reverse flow.

So now I am in the hospital until I deliver.  They are not sure when I will deliver, but they said every day that she stays in is for the better.  I know now that the baby is viable, but I definitely do not want to deliver at 24 weeks - I would love to make it 2 more weeks.  I have only been in the hospital for 2 days and already bored out of my mind. 

Did anyone else get hospitalized at 24 weeks?

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Re: Hospitalized at 24 weeks, IUGR

  • so sorry to hear about that!  i was in the hospital with my last pregnancy from week 17-20 (in strict trendelenberg and not able to get out of the bed!).  i found it helped a lot to have a calandar where i marked the weeks gestation and crossed of the days.  because yes it's so day by day.  also - i welcomed company - people bring in meals for me, and made "friends" with a lot of the nurses.  (i'm still great friends with them now today).  making the best of the situation.  oh..and had some great books to read...wrote thankyou cards..crocheted..etc  praying for you and that baby will stay safe in there for as long as possible.

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  • Although I am not on hospital bedrest, I have been on bed rest since 26 weeks with IUGR as well.  Our doctor has said that at any time our baby's umbilical flow gets any worse than it is now, I'll need to be admitted.   Hopefully though I can give you some enouragement, since I'm now almost 31 weeks and our little one is still holding on.

    Stay strong and positive.  I've heard that IUGR babies can be tough little fighters.  I'll be sending lot's of thoughts, prayers and growing vibes to you and your baby.


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  • I was on hospital bedrest from 25-28 weeks (I'm on bedrest at home now). 

    The time will speed up as you get used to the routines of the day. I talked on the phone a lot and chatted with the nurses. It will get easier. Best of luck to you! 


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  • Hi, I'm new to this board but I was wondering if you have marginal insertion of the umbilical cord?  I just had my mid term anatomy scan 2 days ago & they said the umbilical cord is inserted on the side of the placenta.  I heard that IUGR can happen with babies who have marginal insertion of the umbilical cord.  I have another u/s in less than 2 weeks to see if baby's still getting enough blood flow.  I'm just trying to find other mom's who are going through a similar thing.
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