How do I kill indoor fleas safely with a crawler and toddler?

We just noticed the other day that our indoor cats have fleas. It must be from the neighbors dogs in our apartment unit. So now as of today they have started to jump on us from the carpets! Yuck!!! So how do I kill them when we have a crawler and toddler? Almost everything that I am reading is not safe around children. I called a local vet, and they said that what they carried, I shouldn't use around kids. So what the heck should I use? My house feels dirty right now with these nasty pests! I heard about using Borax on the carpets over night, but is that safe for the cats to be around overnight? Plus it said on the box that it can be a skin irritant, and to not get in your eyes or mouth. So how would I vacuum all of it, and not miss any that might get in my babies eyes or mouth from drooling and crawling? Need Help Please!

Re: How do I kill indoor fleas safely with a crawler and toddler?

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    I just had this problem too.  Here is what I did and it worked.  I put around the house in many different spots in a bowl and or saucer some water, dish soap and a seltzer tablet on the ground and the fleas jumped in there and died.  I was also told to give them revolution or frontline to them for 9 months straight to kill the fleas cycle.  The fleas will be killed on by the frontline and the ones that are around the house will jump back on and die from the meds.  9 months seems like a long time but that is what it will take to kill the cycle of them.    I was told this by a breeder, vet and the pedi.  It is working in my house good luck.

    PS if you have flea dirt they say to wipe it up with bleach wipes

    Good Luck
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    My parents just had this problem (though no kiddos around).  They learned the bombs don't work unless they have a certain ingredient in them... begins with an A and can't remember.  sorry!  prolly not safe around kids though.

    They also put some tape sticky side up in front of a light - the fleas jump on it and die b/c they stick.

    Vacuume daily.  And throw away the bag after each time.

    Also, sprinkle salt around.  This is an old farm trick.  It kills them.

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    I also heard to sprinkle salt on your carpet and leave overnight.  Then vacuum in the morning. 
    Liam is 5!
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    You need to treat the cats first.  Advantage is the best flea treatment out there (I work at an animal hospital).  You can kill all the fleas in your house by just treating all the animals with this, though it will take time.  They say to treat them all once monthly for three months.  I would apply it after your kids go to bed and it will be dry by morning.
    To speed up the house process i've heard that putting shallow bowls of soapy water on the ground under nightlights will kill them.  They gravitate towards the light, fall in the water and die.
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