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baby shower games

I'm not a fan of any of them,  but my hosts have asked me to come up with something I can tolerate that will get the crowd to interact with each other so its not a sit and stare at the round one kind of day.   Any suggestions?

Re: baby shower games

  • My sister-in-law doesn't like games either.  At her shower, everyone who wanted to decorated blank onsies with fabric markers.   There were also scrap book pages with stickers to decorate for her baby's first scrap book.
  • I want to have games that don't force my guest to play. I'm not a fan of games either.

    To the side of the room you can put guessing games like the diaper poop/candy bar game, how much ____ are in the jar, how many diapers are in the diaper cake. Things like that.

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  • decorating onesies and bibs is a good idea.... scrapbook pages can be fun too. They can also fill in a chart prediction weight, birthday, etc.... guessing how many squares of TP wrap around your belly...guessing how many inches your belly is...
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  • i also went to one where everyone had to bring a baby pic of themselves and the prego person had to match the guest with their baby pic. . .
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  • I am not a big game person either.  A few years ago for my sister's shower we had the following acitivites available:
    - an area with onsises where you could decorate a onesie for her LO
    - an "advice" book where everyone wrote their best piece of parenting advice

    The only "game" I think we had was my older sister had a basket with a bunch of different baby items and we had to guess the retail value of the items in the basket.  The person who came closest to the actual price got the basket of goodies.  One of my sister's friends who had a 3 month old won the basket so she was able to use the items in it.



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  • At a shower I went to on Sunday (with about 50 guests) they had about 8 games and activities going on -- very overwhelming.  But this is what they had going on:

    Activity 1: Decorate onesies w/ puffy paint
    Activity 2: Give advice to the parents (cards to write stuff on)
    Game 1: Bingo as she opens her presents
    Game 2: What?s that smell? Passing around diapers w/ baby food in it and you have to guess what it is
    Game 3: Baby animals ? names of animals were listed and you had to write what they call their babies
    Game 4: Nursery Rhymes, by some clues, guess what it is
    Game 5: Peek-a-boo, look a table of items for 1 min, then write down all the stuff you remember
    Game 6: Guess her belly size w/ the ribbon (cut off a piece, etc)

  • The Diaper Poop/Candy Bar game is always a big hit at every shower I've thrown or been too.  It gets people talking and interacting with each other.  Plus, you get some great photos of people sniffing the diaper. And you can make it optional to play..

    I've also done a relay race with diapering dolls at my SIL shower. We broke everyone up into teams of 4 to see which team could change a diaper while blindfolded the fastest. This was a riot and the team of grandmoms won.   


  • I'm not a huge fan of the traditional games either. And neither is the girl hosting my shower - but we came up with a couple of things just so guests would have something to do besides sit and watch me eat and open gifts.

    Each person at the shower will sign a Nursery Rhyme book and either leave a message to the baby or some words of wisdom for me. This is something the baby will actually use and keep for years to come, and something to help occupy the guests time.

    We are playing one kind of traditional game. She filled out a sheet of features (hair, eyes, intelligence, athleticism, etc, etc, etc) and then I was to say whether I hoped our baby took after me or DH for each specific trait. The guests at the shower will guess who I chose. This should be fun, as we'll pass around photos of DH and I as babies, as young kids, as teens, and as adults. It'll be fun for people to get an image of our LO in their head.

    We'll also play gift bingo - guests fill in a bingo sheet with items they think I will receive as gifts. As I open, they'll mark off the items. It's kind of cheesy, but something to help entertain during gift time. I'm expecting about 50 people at my shower (this weekend - we're fitting in one big one prior to our move), so gift time could take a while.. eek.

    That's really it. I actually really like the idea of decorating onesies, though! I'll have to keep that in mind for showers I throw in the future :)


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  • I don't know if any of these will do it for you but I am not big on games either, here are the ones my cousin put together for my shower last week:

    -guess the baby food: take the labels off the jars (we did 7 jars) and have people guess what they think it is. no opening to smell or eat them. I won! 7/7!

    -celebrity mom&baby game: write down every set of a celebrity mom and her baby, or celebrity mother&daughter pair. so kate hudson and goldie hawn, angelina jolie and maddox, et cetera. this was fun for us because we had a wide range of ages (23-83 haha!) so there was a winner, and everyone went around to say what they had come up with.

    -name the baby animal: this went on a little long, but she read off a bunch of animals and you would write what the baby version is called (like bear, fox, zebra, swan, then write cub, cub, and I can't remember what zebra and swan were).

    -name our baby: a scattegories type game wher everyone wrote down a-z and wrote a girls name for each, then we went around the room and read them off. if no one had that name, you get a point, et cetera. this was only funny because strangely my 23 year old BIL kept listing the same names as my 60 year old aunt.

    It was a small crowd (only 15 or so) so the games did seem long, we also played them back-to-back instead of 2 games then lunch, 2 games then cake. Hope that gives you some ideas!

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  • Shower games make me want to vomit, whether it's my shower or not. Serve drinks, good food, and I think people will have a good time without feeling backed into a corner to eat chocolate out of a diaper. I told DH's aunt (my shower host) no games or no shower. We'll see what happens. I'm leaning towards telling her outright "no shower" because I think a meet-the-baby will be less awkward, and everyone will definitely get "involved" with wanting to play with the baby, talking about other babies, etc. Plus, then no one will feel uncomfortable drinking around me; because I'll have a glass of champy in hand =)
  • The games that I like at previous baby showers that I've been to are:

    -Peek-a-boo.  The hostess has a table with items underneath it that she covers with a baby blanket, uncovers it for 12 seconds and then everyone has to write down as many items as they can remember that were on the table.

    -Picture Search.  She had a few copies -of the same page- picture scramble (not sure where she got it, I'm sure some sort of book for baby shower games or something.  I bet you could find one on-line) and it had a ton of items all mixed up with other pictures of baby things and the teams had to find as many items on the list as they could in 3 minutes (or however long).  It was a fun group game. 

    -Baby Name Scramble.  Unscramble all the baby names they were considering for their little one.  (This was much easier for the people who knew many of the names that the couple was thinking of using though....a little tougher for the rest of us)

    I like the idea of guessing the baby food too.  I haven't done that one, but I think it would be fun!

  • assuming people have the same humor as me, i thought this was the best game ever....

    ice cubes with mini plastic babies inside and you put them in your drink and whoevers "water breaks" first wins. so as soon as your baby is no longer in ice you win :)

    p.s. we didnt drink out of those cups either. who wants to drink out of a cup that a plastic baby is in anyway, haha.

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