Anyone have a costume for DC but DC won't wear it?

I have a Cinderella costume I bought for DD and she absolutely refuses to let me put it on her. I've tried a bunch of times to get this thing on her and she throws a tantrum every time I get it near her to try it on. SIGH... So anyone else have this problem? Did you ever solve it? I'm wondering if returning it would be the best thing.
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Re: Anyone have a costume for DC but DC won't wear it?

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    This is going to sound horrible - but I bribe him.  I put it on every so many days and let him have a couple of m&m's.  Okay, so I am an awful mom, but I figured on halloween they get to eat a little bit of candy anways, so whats the harm.  Plus he only gets one or two.  We are getting better at the costume being on...working our way up until he just doesn't mind it anymore.

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    Yes! I bought R a bumble bee outfit and it was sooo cute! But, she will not wear it. She insisted she wanted to be a princess.

    So, mh went and bought her princess Jasmine which I really am not fond of but whatever! Way to teach her, right?

    I don't have the receipt or tags for the other one so I'm pretty much stuck w/ it.

    If I were you I would keep it. I bet she will be really into dress up soon. That is R's fav. past time at the moment.

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    this is why I bought Thomas. I figured it was cheap and he likes Thomas so maybe we'll have a shot at it.

    Try leaving it around the house for a while and see if she plays with it. See if you have a friend's DD that will come over and try it on so your DD can see how cute it looks.

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    DD hated hers the first time, but she now LOVES it!
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