What did you have to buy for #2?

I know we'll need a pump b/c the one we borrowed died on user #3.  Obviously we'll need more burp clothes and a shole bunch of new clothes since it's different seasons.....

We'll need a bouncy seat b/c we didn't use one with Kalli....but what did you need for #2?  I want to start a list so we can buy things slowly.

Re: What did you have to buy for #2?

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    I didn't need to get birp cloths or bibs because I had a buttload of them from before.

    Things that we bought:
    Crib mattress (since A is still using his mattress in his toddler bed)
    A few outfits
    Bath products
    Infant meds
    Bottles (glass ones to eliminate all of the BPA questions)

    That's pretty much it, but it's only because I kept EVERYTHING from before and they're boys born in the same seasons (so the clothing is still the same).

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    Check out the registry list at BRU.  Even if you don't register (some people do for #2 some people don't) it will give you an idea of all the things you might need for a baby (no matter what #) and then you can say I have this, I don't have this and I can do with out this.

    We have to buy everything again because we gave all our baby stuff to a friend who had an unexpected PG and was not in a position to get the supplies they needed.  Thank goodness we are in a position to be able to get the things we need.

    And though a lot of people don't register we did.  If someone wants to be generous and get us a present they can look to see what we need.  But we did not register for anything big. I think our most expensive item was $50.

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    I thought I could get away with a single stroller and a sling - but I ended up buying a double last week.

    Another monitor

    More 'infant' toys

    I have two boys so I didn't need new clothes - thank goodness


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    We moved DS into his big boy bed before #2 was born, so we did not need a new crib or mattress or anything else in the nursery (dresser, glider, etc.).  We were also able to "reuse" the nursery as is since it was gender neutral.

    I did get a new changing pad, since the other one was pretty flat and didn't look too comfortable anymore.

    I thought about getting a double stroller, but didn't and wouldn't have used it anyway since DS is very independent and "Strollers are for babies".

    I tried reusing bottles and just bought new nipples, but ended up getting new bottles because DD didn't like the ones I used with DS.

    I got a new humidifier (other one went with DS), piggy bank, baby book, some blankets (DS kept the ones that were "his"), a new diaper bag to take to daycare (needed to carry stuff for 2), new Diaper Genie (old one was beat to pieces) and of course clothes since we were having a girl and had all boy stuff (but she does wear some of his pants and his jammies).  I also got an Ultimate Crib Sheet.  Didn't have one with DS (don't think they existed yet!) but has been very nice to have now.

    We really got more stuff for #1 than for #2 since we moved him into a big boy room and needed to outfit that with a bed, dresser, book case, bedding, etc.

    Good Luck!

    Debbie - Mommy to Clayton William 5-3-05, Laurian Lynn 3-6-08
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