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fertily advise/input

I need advise/comments:

We have been married since 2008

Used DEPO from March '07-last shot Jan '09 ... NO PERIODS YET! :(

TTC naturally since OCT 2010

Lab Work in NOV 2010 showed HIGH FSH: 139 and a 2nd re-test showed a 119 level!!

Im 30.

My hubby is 27 and his SA was normal.


I was referred to an Infertility Clinic in St Louis, MO (Dr Ratts @ Washington University Hospital), My appointment is in a week!!!!! <---so nervous!

 Any input/comment/advise is appreciated!!

Re: fertily advise/input

  • I don't remember what any of those numbers mean but I am diabetic with PCOS and we tried for 3 years. 4 rounds of Clomid, 2 IUI and then 1 round of invitro with Dr. Pearlstone and now DS is 9 months old. 

    Be patient, don't stress yourself out. You are young so you have that going for you. DH and I are old. (37 and 46)

    They will probably put you through a bunch of tests. You will lose all modesty if you had any to begin with. The hysterosalopinography will hurt like hell. 

    Good luck! 

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  • thank you so much for that! 

    i want to be able to know what to expect :)

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  • oh my....only 3 months TTC?! I think the average is like 12 months...much too soon to be worried. Took us about 1.5 years, but I didn't do any testing until 1 year of TTC. Relax! I'm sure you will be fine! Smile
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  • We had to go the route to get help. I did alot of research and I highly recommend the Sher Institute in St. Louis. They are in Creve Coeur and Dr. Peter Ahlering is great. We had luck our first try. They do alot of pre testing to do determine what issues may be causing infertility.We had 3 other doctors that referred him to us. We would use them again! Good luck!
  • I would maybe get another opinion from Fertility Partnership in St. Peters.  Dr. Simckes is awesome and they have a much much cheaper model of care than the other RE's in the area.



    Good luck!

  • I saw Dr. Ratts, so thought I would reply.  I think she's extremely intelligent, but be prepared for her to be a little "harsh" and so professional that she seems like she doesn't care.  She's very systematic in her approach - she will give you a clear plan for tests to have done (probably an HSG, semen analysis for your husband/significant other, blood tests to check hormone levels in you, etc.) and with us, she recommended Clomid with 3-4 rounds of IUI.  I will be honest and say that I didn't feel very taken care of there and like I was falling through the cracks, but I have a friend who went to her and has a baby now.  I guess it just depends on the kind of doctor you're used to and what you are looking for.

    Good luck to you!  I hope you get great results and love her!

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  • I've been seeing Dr. Ratts and agree with pp that she is very matter of fact.  She didn't give me the warm fuzzies by any means, but I feel like she knows what she is doing so I'm OK with that.  (I can see how she might not necessarily for everyone.)  

    Another post mentioned Dr. Pearlstone and that is who my BFF used for her IVF and I know she was very happy.  (She also has a beautful daughter and twin boys from her 2 rounds of treatment).

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