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Hi Ladies. I wanted to know if anyone had kids that attended the Primrose in Midtown. I will be visiting this week to decide if we want to put our 7 mo. Old in the school. We have him enrolled in a primrose currently, but we are not satisfied with this individual location. Thanks!

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  • I work in the building where the primrose midtown is located.  Many coworkers (myself included) have looked at it and it is very nice but it was considerably more expensive than other primrose locations.  I don't know if they have changed their prices at all but they were about $100 more a week  than that at other primrose locations.  I think part of it is that because it isn't on the first floor so for safety reasons they need more staff in case of emergency.
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  • I work down the street and have looked into it, but like PP said, it is nearly $100 more than what we currently pay at the Primrose DS attends.  It would be nice to have him close by, but he is happy where he is and I don't think it would be worth the extra money just to be able to pop in during my lunch hour (and potentially upset him when I have to leave).  
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  • Our five month old is currently enrolled at Primrose midtown, and overall we have been very happy with his care.  It is expensive, but cheaper than Fio360 and the Suzuki School which we consider to be equivalent types of childcare centers.  Hours are 7a-7p which we find to be great for our needs as a family.  Teachers and staff are very nice and professional and genuinely seem to like the kids.  It is expensive, but I feel totally, 100% comfortable with my child being there every day which is something that's hard to put a price tag on (so long as you're not truly struggling to afford it.)
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