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Walmart or Target Cribs

Has anyone purchased cribs in these stores? Can you tell me the quality of the furniture like the weight, sturdiness, type of wood (real or fake)..I'm thinking of ordering a crib but i'm worried about not being able to see or touch an actual display.

Thanks for your help! 

Re: Walmart or Target Cribs

  • We ordered our crib from Walmart, a Storkcraft, and we love it. The quality is good and it shipped in perfect condition.  Check out the pic in my bio. The same bed was also sold at Target, Baby Depot and Babies r Us. We just got a better price for it at and only paid .97 shipping!  Hope that helps! God bless!
  • We got ours from Target.  They actually have a lot of cribs in stock at the bigger supercenters.  We have been using it for 8 months and have been really happy with it.  I didn't get the matching furniture b/c I wanted something a little higher in quality since we can keep it for forever.
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