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Pottery Barn Cribs?

Hi all,

I really love the Larkin Poiiery Barn Crib but I am concerened that they don't make such great furniture.  Does anyone have any experiences with the kids furniture?


Re: Pottery Barn Cribs?

  •  I don't know much about pottery barn kids, but Bratt Decor makes very stylish and high quality cribs for about the price.  I got alot of my decor from 2 Sweet Sisters, they sell bratt decor.
  • Thank you!  I will take a look

  • My daughter's crib is from Pottery Barm and I think it is very well made.  It's 2 years old and still looks brand new. 
  • My cousin and a good friend of mine have PB cribs, and they both rave about them.  Also, I have other PB furniture in my house and I am very impressed with the quality.  I'm definitely getting a PB crib.
  • Thank you everyone for your help it looks like i am going to go with the Pottery Barn crib!
  • Well, two things to think about with Pottery Barn (or any other) cribs. One, they all HAVE to be made to the same safety standards as any other crib. So, they're all equally as safe.

    Two, Pottery barn cribs are made FOR them by manufacturers that you can find at Wal-Mart and stuff. The same crib manufacturers that you think of, ya know? They just do exclusive designs for PB kids.

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  • A girlfriend of mine works at pottery barn kids and she has the larkin.  She said she feels like quality is equal to other brands but she really liked the look of the larkin.  Her only complaint is how big the larkin is.  She wishes she got something a little smaller.  I think it's a beautiful crib but just didn't want to spend that much on a crib.  I spent a ton on dresser etc but not as much on the crib. 
  • I would not suggest pottery barn cribs, they look great but just don't wear very well. There furniture for toddlers and beyond is great but as for the crib, I would suggest looking elsewhere, it's just not worth the money.
  • When we went shopping for nursery furniture we worked with a sales person who really knew a lot of furniture safety.  i can't recall the things he mentioned we should look for in cribs . . .but I do remember some things he told us about dressers.  I imagine you'll purchase a dresser to match the crib.

    When looking at dressers you want to check these things

    1. Does the dresser have a bottom to it?  You'd be surprised.  Alot of dressers don't have a bottom, it's just the bottom of the drawers right there.  Having an actual bottom is important because it adds sturdiness to the whole structure and it also keeps dust out from getting into all the drawers.  This could be important for anyone who has allergies to dust.  I bought bedroom furniture from Eddie Bauer before i learned all this, and my dresser doesn't have a bottom.  We recently moved the dresser and when i took out the drawers i noticed all the dust that got up into the drawers.  i was shocked!

    2.  Do the drawers have dovetailing along the sides?  The sides of the drawers should attach to each other by dovetailing in the corners.  So it kinda looks like if you interlace your fingers versus just gluing one side of the drawer to the other side by side.

    3. Do the drawers have support beams along their bottom?  The support beams along the bottom of the drawers is another sign of high quality furniture.  It offers sturdiness and additional support for when your kids start climbing on things.

    4.  You also want to look at how the front of the drawer is attached to the body of the drawer.  It shouldn't just be glued on.  Kids will use the drawers to pull themselves up when they are learning to walk and also when they are climbing toddlers.  If the front is simply glued on it could easily pop off.

    my guess is that if Pottery Barn follows the above with their dressers, then they probably follow equal measures of safety with their cribs.

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