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Organizing baby's dresser

We just got our dresser/changer combo in, and I am looking for tips on how to organize it in the most effective way. Like....I don't know if I should do a drawer for 0-3, months, one for 3-6 mo, etc....or if it is better to do a drawer with onesies, a drawer with sleepers/pajamas, etc., with clothes organized by size within those drawers. I have 3 big drawers, a little drawer, and a 2-shelf cabinet.
Please help me!!!

Re: Organizing baby's dresser

  • I've found that I've reorganized things 3 or 4 times since DS was born :)  As you use things you'll probably figure out what works best.

    That being said I've taken to only keeping out the clothing that he currently fits in.  This doesn't apply to you yet, but outgrown clothing is packed up and down stairs.  Too big stuff is up in the closet until he starts to out grown current clothes.

    Keep diapers handy or near top of your dresser/changer combo since you'll use them most frequently.  Otherwise, I have onesies/shirts together, pants together, sleepers together.

  • I am expecting # 3 in a bit and I plan to do what has worked best for me before. I got bins/totes and labeled them 3-6 mo 6-9 mo etc. I put the approrpiate clothes in each washed and ready to go and stored it in the closet. I also use old boxes from diapers from 2yr old to store stuff. Then in the drawers I put what he is currently wearing. Top drawer shirts, middle pants bottom socks and pjs. The side cupboard is for diapers and wipes. I found only having what he uses now handy and everything else put away is good because a) when you need something you just grab it. No need to look at sizes etc. This will be helpful when baby is tiny and you need to do a TOTAL change at night. B)my husband is only really helpful if stuff is easy. If I say can you get me a sleeper for the baby he will go grab one. He will not look at size and will be irritated if I send him back toget another one. Annoying but true.

    This being said the only real way to decide is to try what you think will be best and if it isnt just rearrange. Good luck!

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