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Haven't been here in awhile. I looking for ideas for my triplets nursery. I am having 2 girls and 1boy so something that works for all. thanks

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  • Wanted to say congrats on the babies!

    Our nursery is pretty gender neutral (yellow, farm theme) and I have a few pics in bio. 

    Also, I saw a set that I love (wish I had a reason for it) at Babies R Us yesterday.  I think it's definitley neutral; but modern.  Here's the link:

  • I think it was MrsLee on the Multiples board who used a Hawaiian/tropical theme in her nursery with palm trees surf boards, etc. I think she found the bedding at PBK. I thought it was a great idea for a b/g room, so it could easily work for 2 girls and 1 boy too.

    Congrats on the triplets! I hope you have a happy & healthy pregnancy!

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  • All I can say is "wow, triplets!" Your head must be spinning. I like the idea of a tropical theme.
  • You should check out they do discounts for moms of multiples if you e-mail them.
  • My company designs and executes nurseries, A few suggestions for gender neutral themes are:

    - A jungle theme, I would do this more in a siloutte look, it's more sophiticated and super cute. You can incorporate blues, yellows, and pinks into the room with brown.

    - A circus theme is always fun, you can use primary colors and a lot of fun fabrics with a bunch of different textures that would help with their developmental skills.

    - Shabby Chic, a few thoughts on this would be either to use a toile; pink for the girls, blue for the little boy or you can use stripes for the boys (blue and brown) and polka dots for the girls (pink and brown) very popular colors now.  You can incorporate photoframes, bookshelves, a mirror for the little girls, just make it fun yet sophisticated.

    - Polka dots are always fun, that can go both ways, you can do lots of fun colors or stick with the pastels.

    - Board Games, if you want to get very creative you can incorporate different board games into the room and do something neutral for the bedding.

    - Hawaiian Theme or travel destination. Choose your favorite place you traveled and have fun with that.

    Whatever you choose, make sure it's practical and fun for your child to grow within. Hope some of these ideas helped.
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