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hand me down crib???

Please no flames . . . I'm new at this :)
My cousin has offered me his 6 year old crib - it's in perfect condition with all of the parts and papers. I have been reading not to buy a "used crib" but this is from someone I trust, it meets current safety standards (the slats are within the guidelines, the mattress is a snug fit, etc.) and it is just the perfect crib. What do you think??
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Re: hand me down crib???

  • I think that it sounds perfect, I have been told not to buy second hand cribs and car seats unless you know the history. You seem to have everything covered off and as it fits all guidlines I'd say it is PERFECT!! Go for it!
  • That sounds fine, you know and trust the person, and most times cribs are underused anyway, so if you can cut that cost and save, why not.

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  • Do you have the manufacturer's information and style? PLEASE check the CPSC website to be sure it hasn't been recalled for any reason. Also check to be sure it was assembled correctly and can be moved and kept in good condition. Are there any posts that reach above the crib? Even a small post (less than an inch!) can get clothing stuck and cause strangulation. A lot has happened in the last 6 years, so just be double/triple sure this is the right choice.

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