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dots and stripes?

I am having some trouble deciding, but I think I would like to do pastel green dots with pastel yellow stripes.  We are painting the walls a solid butter yellow.  Here is the problem, I haven't seen any sets, so I would have to put it together myself.  Would you be concerend about getting the greens and the yellows to match? I don't want lots of different shades of each.  Any thoughts? 

Re: dots and stripes?

  • Check out House, Inc. I did stripes, dots, and floral and bought their bedding there and then put the rest of the stuff together myself. I found that House, Inc. pink/green matched PBK pink/green so the whole thing came together just great.
  • just a little quick designer note...

    this may be annoying but just a heads up.

    yellow aggravates babies for some reason... babies in yellow environments are known to cry more =( try an offwhite that way you don't have to match your greens and yellows...

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