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Question re: shipping and JCPenney

Have you ever had furniture shipped from JCPenney before? How much did it cost? Did it come disassembled?
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Re: Question re: shipping and JCPenney

  • I work for JCPenney catalog and have had furniture (a kitchen table) delivered.  We actually had it delivered to a store for pick up because then we were able to use a free shipping promotion.  Most furniture to have delivered to your home is very expensive and free shipping promos don't work.  But as far as nursery furniture, I have been looking and some of the items say they are not available for store pickup.  Delivery to the home, depending on the price and weight of the item, could be anywhere from $120-$200.
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  • Also, our table and chairs came unassembled.  But each item should specify if assembly is required.
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  • our crib came from JCP, the bella (i think), we had it shipped to the store and we picked it up, because having it shipped to our house would have cost almost more than the crib!  Also i read that JCP uses an outside shipping company and reviews complained that the furniture arrived damaged when shipped to their homes.  So we picked it up, disassmebled and brought it home, no damage, assembled it, (well my husband did) and it is beautiful.
  • They always have free shipping codes. The latest code is..


    I believe it expires tomorrow though. If you browse around on their website long enough a banner will pop up for free shipping.
    We ordered a crib, glider and ottoman from JCP and you do have to put it all together. FYI the glider on sale for 169.99 is not comfortable! We're sending it back. I guess you get what you pay for:) Hope this helps.

  • They don't really specify the size but usually you can use the free shipping codes on smaller pieces of furniture.  I had my eye on a changing table and matching toy box but the shipping was ridiculous.  However, I was able to use the free shipping code on those items which turned out to be a great bargain.  I literally just added things to my cart to see if the free shipping applied.  Hope this helps!

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