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vintage circus theme nursery

off the wall question here....but i'm doing a vintage themed circus nursery and would love to have a circus  elephant statue (about 2-3 ft tall) in the room...i looked on ebay and googled it, but does anyone know of a place that would have something like that? i think its a long shot of finding it but i want to try...thanks :-D

Re: vintage circus theme nursery

  • those are about the only two terms i didn't try :-) thanks...i'm off to google!
  • Oh wow! Thank you so much! I will check it out :-)
  • You could also custom order one from a ceramics studio in your area.
  • Google hobby lobby. It's a home decor store... really a cluster-fark of stuff. But elephants and "imported" look stuff are really popular, I've seen several of what you're looking for in different styles.  GL!
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