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Did you make anything for nursery?

I feel like being crafty.  Did you make anything for baby?

Re: Did you make anything for nursery?

  • I made his wall letters. I bought wooden letters and ribbon at Michael's Art Supply store, and used the nursery wall paint colors to paint them.
    PIB (link in siggy) under week 37.
  • I swore I would never do anything with princesses, but these collages are so cute if all goes well and it's a girl I will likely make something similar.



  • hi

    i just made a teddy bear hammock for my 5 year old SD... would be great in a nursery too

    was a 5 min project - no sewing or cutting required

    lol i just got it up and posted pics of it a min ago...


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  • we made three frames that hang off ribbon. they are green with pink hearts and pink ribbon. i am in the progress ofmaking my daughters names with 9.5 in white wood letters and tying tons of ribbon around super cute we got this idea at michaels craft store
  • for dd #1: sewed the quilt, 2 valances, table cover (for those little round, 3 leg tables), pillows for rocking chair, and the ottoman cover.

    painted old rocking chair white and added detail that matched chair rail.  the chair rail was plain white with a flower/ivy design to it-painted the ivy and flowers. 

    painted room, bookshelf, and wall letters.  Did diy framed artwork of fairies-kinda the "theme" of room and attempted to make a mobile.  that went really bad so i ordered one on ebay.  oh, and decorated her lamp.

    for dd #2 (have a little less time on my hands because of dd #1 and we're moving next week)-will make the window valance, decorated her lamp, painting/decorating wall letters, making pillows for lateron out of "wall hanging" set, painting room (it's paneled-so pink with black "stripes" in the creases), decorating closet door pull to match "ladybug" theme.  i think that's it....
  • Hi, I have a question for cmeon_the_water about her nursery but don't know how to contact her directly, can someone help?
  • I made a few Taggie blankets :)
  • I made some wall letter for my daughter and for some other babies. Take a look at my website for some ideas. I am looking for some feedback too if you have time. Thanks! Good luck with your craftiness and with you new little one.


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