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Black furniture

Can you show me your nurseries with black furniture? DH really likes the idea, but I can't seem to envision how it will work. TIA!

Re: Black furniture

  • I have pics of black furniture in my bio.  The furniture is mostly black with a little bit of dark brown mixed in.  It's called "antique black".
  • If you check out they have black furniture there...
  • Hey Amy,

    I did a search for the terms "nursery black furniture" in and got quite a few pictures that came up with different decorating approaches. I found that if I switched the order of the search terms (adding crib, or baby), some different pictures came up. It might help you envision how those pieces would work in your space.

  • Trixie12 where did you purchase your furniture?  I love his room!
  • I have a couple in my bio. The compnay is Munire.
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