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Anyone NOT have a separate nursery?

We live in a one bedroom (we'll be moving when the babies are about 6 months old), so the babies will be in our bedroom until then. Anyone decorate their room with the babies in it? Any suggestions so it doesn't just feel like they're just in our room, but that I can make it somewhat theirs too?


Re: Anyone NOT have a separate nursery?

  • I was going to have to do that until dh and I actually moved earlier than planned. I was going to make one side just for the baby. I was going to decorate one wall and put the crib against that wall and make that the baby's side. It actually would have looked really nice and i would have gotten my bed sheets and comforter to kkind of match the baby's bedding colors.

  • We live in a 2 bedroom apartment.  However the second bedroom holds our computer H's clothes and dresser.  These things can't be moved because we have no place to put them.  What we are doing is dedicating half of the room to baby stuff and decorations.  If I were you I would do something like that.  Like maybe one wall can be baby furniture and decorations. 
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