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Hanging quilt on wall

Does anyone know how to do this without punching holes in the quilt? Its just a PBK quilt that we will probably not use on the baby in his crib, so I thought it'd be good to use for decoration. Thanks.
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Re: Hanging quilt on wall

  • I just came here to ask the same question......

    :::::::::  waiting for a reply::::::::

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  • Here's how I hung my DS's quilt:

    I clipped those thin gold safety pins to the back of the quilt.  I then attached thin ribbon to the safety pin.  I looped the ribbon around hooks that i put in the wall. I used 2 hooks - one on each corner.  There might be a picture somewhere in my bio of the quilt on the all.

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  • You can buy quilt hangers - I have one that's basically 2 stained pieces of wood you can tighten together and then hang.
    like this:  https://tinyurl.com/57xwsk
    If you google quilt hanger lots come up
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