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Does anyone have any pics or know where I can find some of nurseries for boys that don't necessarily have a theme? I am kind of stuck! With my first son, we had a barnyard theme, and this time I would like to do something a little more classic, or modern- something without a theme, but I don't know where to start!


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  • Try They have some modern ones. Also if you know a color, google "color" boy nursery and click on images. That will give you some ideas.
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  • I'm having a little boy, and I didn't do a theme. I picked beddding that I love (Riley by Caden Lane) and sort of just designed everything around those colors. I was looking for the same thing -- just classic, modern, and fresh-looking.
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  • We kind of have a theme, but very toned down. It's the classic winnie the pooh. I have the lamp and a pillow on the glider, and a pooh nightlight, but that's about it. The walls are tan, and the curtains are a light green. Mostly the nursery has green accents! I love it, it's simple and not overdone. Plus it works for a boy or a girl. We'll reuse it for #2. 
  • send me ur email address and I can send you some photos of nurseries I have designed; most without a theme - mostly colors and patterns that worked well for the families...

    it should give you some good ideas!

  • I am having a boy and am not doing a theme. I found some bedding that I loved (house inc neopolitan choclate blue...or something like that). I also ordered extra fabric and made the curtains. I will just accessorize with little things to tie it all together.
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