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Ideas???? Gender Neutral...diaper bag inspired.

Okay so a little background--we are not currently pregnant-have had 2 losses-but to keep hope I have decided to continuing with my nursery planning. We will have a unisex nursery with cherry furniture. I love the colors of this diaper bag so I was thinking-

-paint the walls the dark green color of the diaper bag piping.

-curtains I was thinking a color with a sheer over it would be great....

-Does anyone have any cute ideas....color ideas, anything?
(here's a link to the bag)


Re: Ideas???? Gender Neutral...diaper bag inspired.

  • I am sorry you've had two losses, but good for you for staying positive and planning for the future! I struggled for a year, with one loss, so I know it's hard to keep looking on the bright side...

    That said, I really like that bag! As for wall color, I would go with either the mid-tone green, or even a light toffee color, with the green and blue accents.

    Curtains, I'd do a sheer behind, with a solid/opaque color from the bag in front of the sheers. It depends on what color flooring /furniture you're going with, but I do like that bag as inspiration!

    GOOD LUCK, and have fun preparing for your little one(s)...
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