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if your nursery has carpet....

if your nursery has carpet, what style is it? I am looking to carpet the nursery -just because it would provide warmth insulation in the winter. i would love to keep wood floors. is your carpet: plush/ loops/ wool/ texture/ berbers? what kind would withstand baby and traffic and is not too difficult to clean?? thanks everyone!

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  • our nursery has carpet in it and hardwood floors under neath and we covered it in carpet for warmth(we live in illinois)  we have Plush carpet in the nursery and wish we had of put berber cause it doesnt soak up stains like plush does our living room is berber and i baby sit 4 kiddos all day long 6 days a week and red juice spills and all kinds of stuff on our carpet and i just take some spray carpet cleaner after it and once a month i get our carpet cleaner out and do a good cleaning it is fine!!!... Just when you get your carpet installed stress to the installers you dont want your floors underneath ruined and they wont put the tack strips down :) hope this helps
  • thank you for your advice. we are getting an estimate tomorrow and will probably go with the berber. thanks!!
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  • I wouldn't carpet over wood floors. I would add an area rug instead. Dress baby warmly at night. They make things now that are so nice and cozy. It's actually better for a baby to be a bit on the cooler side rather than too warm.
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