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Bella Band?

Where did you get yours?
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Re: Bella Band?

  • I got the Motherhood Maternity version. My question is... how do you keep it from bunching up?  Mine always seems to ride up and bunch around my waist completely defeating its purpose.
  • I'm wondering if yours is too big if it's constantly bunching up... mine doesn't but it's very fitted.
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  • I suppose that could be true.  Aren't they one size fits most?  (I'm not exactly a tiny girl)
  • I also used the Motherhood Maternity version.  I allowed it to bunch so it looked like I was wearing a shelf bra.
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  • They aren't one size fits all... that's probably the problem.  Mine (which was knock-off brand) came in S-M-L-XL with a chart on the back showing what waist size correlated with each size.  They reccommended going up a size if using in pregnancy.  They can also be used PP to cover your belly when breastfeeding. 
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    { Jack 4.8.09 & Rose 10.24.07 }

  • Mountaingirl, Lane bryant carries two versions in their array of sizes. I susprect they are more expensive than others but I am seriously considering getting one from them since I know it'll fit! :)
  • I got mine off ebay for $7, that included shipping!  Much better then $23, that I've seen on websites.  I haven't had to use it yet though so I'm not sure how it is going to fit.

  • I got mine online from PoshBaby. It was $28. I got the smallest size and it bunches, but I think once I start showing it will stay in place.I more use it now to relieve a little bit of the pressure
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  • I got mine at BabyStyle - and you can look at too ~ They're about $25.  My sis got it for me as soon as she found out I was prego - she's got 2 kids and swears by her bella band for both pregnancies.

    happy shopping!

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