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I need a bathing suit!!

Where is the best place to get a maternity bathing suit in October??  I want something that covers my love handles & giant hips right now!  Please help

Re: I need a bathing suit!!

  • Check Target, Old Navy, Motherhood.  I know they all had them on clearance through last week.  I'm sure they still have some.
  • I got two from Target.com a couple weeks ago.  As the PP said, they are on clearance so the sizes are starting to get limited.  I ended up getting two tank-inis... one regular and one maternity :)  They are both very cute but I can't wear the maternity bottoms yet.

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  • I work at Motherhood, just an fyi- They carry swimsuits year round just for situations like this.  They carry less of a selection but there are always a few in there in almost all sizes.
  • Just in case you hadn't already considered it- try your pre-PG suit on.  My tankini still fits at 39 weeks and amazingly shows only the smallest sliver of belly.  But I am chesty pre-PG so my bathing suit tops have to be bigger for my chest meaning there's always been room in the belly- now I just get a chance to use it!  I'm not worried about stretching it our as it was a cheap suit from Walmart anyway.  My expensive suit is a one piece and there's no way it'd fit right now.
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