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Those who have already had a baby...

I am due June 14 and have to fly to Atlanta for a wedding on June 28.  Should I just plan to wear a maternity dress? 

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  • Personally I would suggest buying a dress about a size or maybe 2 bigger than your pre preg size.  After you have the baby, you can purchase a post partum belt to wear, which helps you get back into "normal" clothes much faster.   This is just my opinion however. I've never been pregnant, I just work at Motherhood, so I've dealt with similar situations before. 
  • buy yourself a pretty dress that's not maternity. You'll be ready for it. I would do it just one size up, but make it something that is not TOO tight fitting.
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  • What if you're 2 wks late?
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  • Ditto pp.  What if you go over?  Have you asked you dr about flying that soon after delivery?  I would think there might be a risk of blot clots if it's too soon afterwards.  Also, are you flying with a newborn!?!  That's a recipe for disaster; planes are covered with germs and since the air is recycled during flight, your baby is going to be exposed to massive amounts of germs and infections.
  • I lost about 30 lbs within the first 2-3 wks but I still have 20 more to go.  You will be SO sick of stupid maternity by that time- i'd just buy a size or 2 up with a forgiving style...
  • Hmmm... it depends.. how are you carrying?  Will you BF?  I carried all out in front and BFed and lost 20 pounds in two weeks after birth.

    Can you go shopping right before you leave so you have a better idea of your size?

    Also remember that lots of women "go late."  I was due July 21 and was still in the hospital 2 weeks after that date due to C section.
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  • this was my exact situation last year!! I hate to say it but my doctor told me i wasnt allowed to go- and i had no complications... there were just too many risks aparantly- i was supposed to be in the wedding too!!! but anyways- back to your question- i would get a dress that is that really comfortable lycra-ish cotton mix that can just hang nicely- it is so hard to figue out exactly what size you will be- so i got a dress that was a full size larget than my normal size and it was this very moveable fabric... being in June it will be warm too... keep in mind your boobs will be leaking and all the other post pregnancy wonderful things that happen... I would opt for a darker color or print so it will camo some of those things... good luck, hopefully your doctor will let you go!
  • It's impossible to predict what you'll be wearing that soon after giving birth, or even if you will be allowed to travel...or feel up to traveling.  (sorry, but it most likely won't be happening if you give birth on or past your due date)

    I only gained 18lbs with my pregnancy and lost it all within a week after giving birth (i had severe pre-e and severe m/s that prevented me from gaining much weight).  But even with losing all the weight, I still didn't fit into normal clothes because my hips were wider and my chest was much bigger.   I felt pretty good within a couple weeks of giving birth, but I think giving birth at 36 weeks had something to do with that.  Most women I know had a pretty rough month following delivery.

    If I were you, I wouldn't plan on attending the wedding.  If you happen to give birth early and feel up to traveling, then you'll feel good enough to run out to a store to pick up a dress.  If you aren't feeling up to shopping, then you aren't ready to travel.
  • Like others said what if you are late? I was 9 days late and though I didn't need one, C-sections are common.

    Regardless, 2 weeks pp I can't imagine having flown to a wedding (where is baby going?!)

    Finally, to answer your question 2 weeks pp I would have been able to wear a dress 2 sizes bigger than pre-pg.
  • I'm down 3lbs from pre-PG weight at only 2 weeks PP.  Granted I still have a belly, but much of my pre-PG stuff fits... just differently.  I'd just get a dress in a forgiving cut/fabric ie empire waisted and  flowy material.
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  • Buy a pretty wrap dress or one with an empire waist (babydoll style.) 
  • i went to a wedding about the same time frame as you are talking about, and i have strechy dresses and everything and i ended up wearing a maternity dress. i only gained 26 lbs while pg, and that had mostly come off, but i had a csect and it was the most comfy and flattering

  • Like the others... I wouldn't necessarily count on being able to go, since it's so common to go late (speaking as someone who was 8 days late and induced for 2 days, had a C-section and spent 2 days additional days in the hospital). There would be no way I would have been ready to fly somewhere that soon, especially with a newborn.

    That said... I would not buy maternity, since you will be so sick of it by then! I would buy a cute empire waist, flow-y type dress. I personally wouldn't have wanted anything that hugged my waist, since it was still pretty big then.

  • Wow. I would NOT have wanted to fly that soon after delivery. Not only was I still sore and bleeding, I was a nutcase from all the hormones and sleep deprivation. I don't mean to be a downer, but even if you do deliver on time, your doctor might not want your new baby flying so soon. I would check with your pedi and your OB before making plans.
  • After I delivered, I add to go up a size for a while. The maternity clothes post-delivery just hung on me.
  • Yikes I hope it all works out just right for you but I have to agree that seems really early to plan a trip.  If you are bringing baby with it seems really early to expose them to all the germs on a plane and if you are leaving them home I can't imagine leaving a 2 week old at home.  I assume this is your first pg since otherwsie you would know how fast you bounce back and first pregs often go late.  Whatever you decide i hope you find a great dress- I would talk to your OB about your plans though.  I kow lots of mom's who are jsut taking their babies out in public after 2 weeks so i just can't imagine doing a plane but of course it is your baby and your choice.
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  • I was scheduled for an induction, and I ended up having a c-section because DS was transverse...there was NO way that I could have traveled that early.  I know people who have had a normal delivery who have done that though. 

    The first two months was a complete blur w/ my newborn, it seemed to have meshed together like it was one week!  I lost 20 lbs right away within the first two weeks, but had 30 more to go.  My stomach was still very swollen and big, I definately was 2 sizes bigger than pre- preg.

    I know the feeling though, I am the maid of honor in my sister's wedding 6 weeks after my c-section in July ( thankfully it is here where I live). 

    I have to find a dress and be a spectacle:(  David's bridal has a few cute empire waist, rouched to the side, and other dresses that may hide your pp stomach (also dresses that you can wear to a wedding if you are not in it).
  • Some airlines won't let you fly with a baby that young. Minimum age is 6 weeks on average. As far as the dress goes, it totally depends on the person. I went up SIX dress sizes during my pregnancy (and my weight gain was not much more then average, 40 lb). And I didn't lose it for a whole year even though I BF and worked out, etc.... So it totally depends on the person.
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