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PSA: Great maternity sale @ Pumpkin Patch

There is an awesome sale going right now on everything maternity at  I went into one of their stores yeaterday and got a really cute, well made shirt for 12.99 so I thought I'd check their site out because their in-store selection isn't that great.  They have really hip, non-maternity looking clothes and their having a major clearance s right now.  There's some really dirt-cheap stuff. Happy shopping.

Re: PSA: Great maternity sale @ Pumpkin Patch

  • How do they run?  Very cute things...thanks!
  • very cute stuff, is a  west coast chain? never seen them here on the East coast....

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  • They are based out of New Zealand, believe it or not.  But they have a few retail stores in the US.  I've only bought in-store from them, but their on-line return policy looks pretty good.  Their shirt sizes seem to run pretty average (I can't tell you about pants, because I am 6' tall and pretty much everything that doesn't come ina size long is too short for me.)
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