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Shrimp? Not sure about shell fish

Hello Ladies,

Can someone please clarify ifI can eat shrimp. I heard mixed things about shellfish?  Ca someone please let me know...


Re: Shrimp? Not sure about shell fish

  • Yes, you can eat shrimp. The only seafood you are supposed to avoid are ones with high levels of mercury (big fish)
  • Just saw my DR. yesterday and she said to watch out for shellfish like shrimp and lobster (bottom-dwellers?) as well as eating any big fish that eat other fish b/c of high mercury levels.  You can have your mercury levels checked with a blood test.  As you may know, tuna has alot of mecury.
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  • Yes, you can eat shrimp. A good resource for figuring out which fish to choose is the Natural Resources Defense Council guide to mercury in fish, which you can access at The oil in fish provides types of fat that are great for you and baby. Best, Megan Tubman, MS, RD
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