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do we adjust ds age at 35 weeks?

The nicu called today to check on how we were doing. They kept calling him "2 weeks adjusted" and " well really he is only 2 weeks old"

I really didn't think so, he was born at 35 weeks...thats very close to term. I didn't think we adjusted his age. He is meeting developmental milestones for a normal 6 weeker.
what gives??

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Re: do we adjust ds age at 35 weeks?

  • I never did with my first three kids, who were born at 36, 35, and 35 weeks. They met all milestones as usual... in fact, my 35 weekers crawled at 5 mo and pulled up at 6 mo!

    I think it depends on the baby, though. Some babies do need the adjusting, others don't. I still don't really adjust for my girls, and they were born at 32 weeks. I've found that they tend to do everything somewhere between actual and adjusted anyway.

  • It may just be more of an issue in determing percentiles of weight and height or it may not be an issue at all. I always have to explain DS adjusted age since he is 3 months old and weighs 9 lbs...if I tell people he is 3 months, they look at me crazy. In terms of development, my DS seems to be about 4 weeks behind, not 8 your DS could easily not be behind at all. Its great if you don't see any difference in him!
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  • We only use the adjusted for his growth charts. Everything else goes by real.
  • Just keep it in the back of your mind in case you notice a delay of some sort down the road.  Don't worry until you give your DC that extra 5 weeks to catch up :)
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