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Mom's with older kids - weight gain questions!

I just took my 7.5 month old (almost 6 mo adj) to the peds today because I felt he wasn't growing as much as he has - even taking into account his added movement. 

He's only gained 17 oz in 7 weeks and is now back to 3 precentile (he was up to 10th).  He is BFed and is eating a fruit at breakfast, cereal at lunch and a veggie at dinner.  Doc agreed that he was gaining slower than he should and suggested I start him on proteins like tofu, turkey, beef, chicken and pork and that when I make his food, I can thin it out with some veggie oil rather than just water.

Do you all have any other suggestions for keeping weight on your little ones?  He just doesn't have much fat to spare and I want to make sure he keeps growing - at least on his own growth curve!!


Re: Mom's with older kids - weight gain questions!

  • I'm not much help because we FF after month 1 and just mixed his formula to an increased calorie concentration. He's got fat rolls now. Hope your little one grows! BTW - could you use olive oil instead of veggie oil in his foods? I would think it would be better for him.
  •  We FF as well. I do want to say to use dark meat chicken as it contains more fat than the white meat chicken. Are you BF then offering solids? BF should be the main source and solids are just to learn and to experiment with. I would BF first then offer solids. Good luck!

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  • My girls are also not big gainers, but they have kept to their curve so our ped is happy. They tend to gain about a pound a month... no more, no less lol. They were on EBM for the first 6 mo, and then as much EBM as I could make mixed with formula since. They also get two meals per day.

    We don't do cereal, but we do mix their purees with tofu, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. I'm not doing meats until they are 2. I also add olive oil to their veggies to add more calories, and mix avocado with fruits for more fat.

    Alice is my skinny one because she NEVER stops moving. But, doing the above has at least kept her gaining 1 lb a month.
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