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XP:Marina might be sick and isn't sleeping

Two nights ago Marina was really restless in the night and crying out which is very not like her. She has been sttn since the beginning and never lets out a peep. I went in to bring her into our room for a little bit and she felt warm. Her temp was 100.6 so I gave her some tylenol and the only way she would sleep was on DH's chest. Yesterday she was running a temp of 101.8. Again she got tylenol and some motrin and didn't seem to have a temp last night, but still woke up around 3:30 screaming. I know she is a baby, but she never screams, never. She is so easy going. I do think that both babies are teething(they still don't have any teeth), so that make it worse, but we are so sleep deprived right now and I feel bad for her. It doesn't help that DH is working alot these next few weeks and isn't around a ton. Oh, Marina's nose is stuffy, but no other symptoms. Do you think she is just teething or is it something else? Any suggestions? Since they were so early and had so much going on I have always been worried about the first time they get sick. I still have a fear of them needing to go back in the hospital. Sorry this got so long, I guess the lack of sleep is making me ramble. Rachel

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  • Sounds like teething to me. We're going through the same thing right now. My always STTN baby was up aat 2:30 last night crying and running a temp of 101.5. It's responding to tylenol and motrin so he's doing better now. I swear, teething is such a long and horrible process :(

    Hope she feels better soon!
  • Hi Rachel! I hope Marina is feeling better soon. I know how it feels to be sleep deprived. I haven't had a good night of sleep since Brandon came home on Saturday.
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  • oh no, sleep deprivation is the worst.  i hope that marina starts feeling better soon!  it definitely sounds like it could be teething, but i wonder if it could be an ear infection.  is she tugging or pulling at her ears at all?
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