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Slow flow nipple

I am still using these with Hailey. The OT suggested for a few weeks. I noticed that she sucks on it so hard that she flattens the nipple. Makes me think she's ready for a regular nipple. I have a doc appt on Thursday, think I should wait and ask or give it a try? I am so afraid she is going to choke expecting the slow flow one but she can't stay on that one forever!! ugh. decisions decisions WWYD?

Re: Slow flow nipple

  • whenever that would happen with my 3, i would just switch nipples and almost always they were ready to switch and did just fine.  y9ou could try it and if she doesn't do well with the faster flow, you could always go back to the slow flow.  good luck!
  • I would go ahead and try the faster flow.  We tried level 2s twice before Campbell was ready.  We knew immediately that it was too fast for her and switched to back to the slower flow with no problems.
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  • My DS did that to every nipple except Dr. browns.
    Kelly, Mom to Noah 8.27.05 (born at 26 weeks)
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