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Lauren Abygail's Birth Story.

On 11/13 I went for my 40w checkup and was really surprised when my OB said he wanted to induce me the next day.  He said my cervix was ready(3cm, 90% effaced)he told me to be @ the hospital on 11/14 (Lauren's due date!) @ 7pm to start my induction.  He gave me an Rx for cervadil and I went on my way. 

I  had my hospital bag ready and I double checked it to make sure nothing was missing.  I also went out and got some last minutes things I needed for myself and the baby.  I was a little nervous that night and was hoping that I would go into labor myself since I had heard so many bad things about inductions.  No such luck.

I went into L&D on 11/14 @ 7pm just as I had agreed to.  I was having a few BH but nothing consistant.  I was placed in my room and the nurse explained the MD orders.  They were going to place the cervadil @ 8pm and take it off @ 1am.  Then they would start the pitocin @ 2 am.  About 20 minutes after having the cervadil placed I started getting contractions about every 7 minutes.  They were painful but no big deal at that point. 

They offered me IV pain relievers @ about 11pm since my contractions were becoming stronger and more painful but I refused.  My OB came to check up on me and advised me to try and rest so I had enough energy to push when the time came.  I was still 3cm dialated but I was 100% effaced.  I tried my best to rest through the contractions and managed to get some shut eye at around midnight.

The nurse came in @ 1:30 am to remove the cervadil and start the pitocin drip. Once the pitocin started my contractions started coming every 3-5 minutes and were very painful.  The nurse offered me IV meds for the pain again at about 2:30 am and I refused them again.  They upped my pitocin drip every hour and by 3:30 am I called my nurse for some good ol' pain medication. It worked and I was able to sleep till about 5am when the medication wore off. 

I was in PAIN! I asked the nurse when I would be able to get an epidural and she told me I had to be @ least 4cm dialated.  When she checked me I was still 3cm. Nooo! I braved throught the next hour and a half of contractions and finally @ 6:30 am my OB came in to check me.  I was finally 4 cm and he told me was going to break my water.  OMG, it hurt like hell!

And I thought those rinky dink contractions I was getting were bad.  True labor started once my doc broke my water and little Lauren became determined to make her escape.  My contractions started coming every 2 minutes and I was in the worst pain ever!  I asked for my epidural but there was only one anesthesiologist and he had 2 epidurals before mine.   I waited 2 hours before he finally came.  It was tough sitting still for the epi while my contractions kept coming closer and stronger. 

Finally, some relief!  My doc checked me again right after my epidural(8:20am) and I was 7cm dialated.  An hour and 45 minutes later I was 10 cm and ready to push.  Pushing was a little tough at first since I couldn't feel my contractions.  The nurse let me know when to push a few times and then I was finally able to distinguish the pressure from contractions.  I pushed for 40 minutes and with the help of a tiny episiotomy Lauren Abygail was born @ 10:52 am. 6lbs 2oz, 19" long. 

It was the most wonderful experience of my life.  I wish you all luck and a safe and speedy labor and delivery!

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