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i need advive WWYD

i have been having contractions since last friday about 10-15 min apart. i called the doc on monday and she recommended that i be induced that night. i went in and had cervadil for 12 hours. in the morning, i started pitocin and was on pitcoin for 12 hours. after 12 hours i was 2cm dilated and 75%  effaced which was the exact same thing i was at my 39w. (Excpet the whole time i was on pitocin my bp was through the rough) my doc today suggested using mesoprostol (sp).(won;t let me do pitocin again) i looked in up and it is not approved by the FDA for inductions and can cause mant adverse side effects. i have an us tomorrow because my doc is worred about the fluid levels. at this point i was to schedule a section. i cannot go through the pitocin again and i won;t use a drug nor approved bu the FDA. any advice? also i cannot go past tuesday because of office policy. help please!

Re: i need advive WWYD

  • I'm not sure why you wouldn't just ask your DR what your options are.  What options is the DR presenting and then share those here and I think you'll get more valuable feedback.  I hope the baby decides to come on his/her own soon!!!
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