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2nd Baby Birth Story - Successful Induction!

Here is a quick birth story of my second son - Ryan Patrick... He was born on Jan. 25 at 39 weeks 5 days. 
I went in for my appt and I was almost 3 centimeters dialated - he stripped my membranes for the second time... and I was so uncomfortable in general that I begged for an induction (and my firstborn was a big baby so I knew this one would be big too.)  My first labor with my first child was so different... I was not dialated at all at my 40 week appt... so they were going to induce me - but instead my water broke that afternoon - and 20 hours later and 103 fever later - I had my first son...

This time was SO MUCH EASIER... I went in the night of Jan. 24 - they were going to do cervidal - but decided not to because I was already 3 centimeters dialated... So at 7 am the next day - Jan. 25 - they woke me up at 6:30am to give me an enema (oooh, fun!) and then they started the Pit drip... by 9 am I was really really in pain - and dialated 5-6 centimeters... They gave me Stadol - to help with the pain... It helped for about 5 min... so then I begged for the epidural... I got the epidural around 9:30am... by 11am I really felt the urge to "poop" so they checked me and I was fully dialated... I practiced pushing a bit - and the nurse rushed to find the doctor because I was almost crowning... so they had me stop pushing - which was hard!!  Then my doc came in - and at 11:54 - I pushed my beautiful second son out... 9 lbs...

This time was so different... one - labor was only 5 hours long compared to 20... Last time - I was so sick and delirious - I hardly remember pushing my son out... and they had the epidural so cranked up - I couldn't feel anything... I got a 3rd degree tear with my first son... With this labor - I could really feel pushing - and my new doc gave me an episiotomy which healed SO much faster than my awful tear the last time...

Anyways - the recover was much easier the second time around as well.  Having 2 under 2 is hard - but getting easier each day.  I never thought I would be able to love the new baby as much as my first- but it is possible.  They are so perfect and complete blessings - I cannot imagine them not being here.  Good luck to each of you!!!  It is so completely worth every second.

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