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Baby Camille is Here!!

March 8th at 2 am I woke up with soaked pjs and a wet bed. I woke Dh and told him I thought my water had broken. I wasn't having contractions and water wasn't leaking so I took a shower and changed pjs. Suddenly water started trickling down my leg, so I put a towel between my legs and we made the 2 minute drive to the hospital. Contractions started after I was all IV'd up so I got an epi at about 5:30am. When the Dr. checked I was 3 cm, but the baby's head was molding into the canal and she was concerned that I was not progressing fast enough and I may need a c-sec. She started me on Pitocin to keep the contractions regular. She checked again in an hour and I was 4 cm. She checked an hour and half later and I was 8cm! I was able to go with the vag delivery and at 2:26pm Camille Ann was born after about 30 minutes of pushing and a small episi because I was very swollen. She was healthy 7lbs 7oz 19 1/2 inches. She tried to BF in the delivery room. At 3 am Sunday morning the nurse was concerned that Cammy wasn't eating and wasn't very alert. Long story short an x-ray showed that her intestines were inflamed. She was put in the NICU with an IV and started on antibiotics. She needs to complete a 7 day course and should go home tomorrow. She has been bfing well for the past two days. The hospital has been very supportive of bfing and allowed me to stay in a room for free after I was discharged so that Cammy wouldn't need to use a bottle. My stay has been great here and I can't wait to take her home. Her abdomen is normal and she has stopped IV fluids. She is back to her birth weight and doing very well. She just needs her last day of antibiotics. She is so beautiful. I'll post a pic later.

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