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Natural, looong labor story in bio

Re: Natural, looong labor story in bio

  • Thank you for sharing that! I loved reading your story. Congrats! I also want to have a natural birth and you are an inspiration.
  • I absolutely loved reading your story AND I think that picture of your baby yawning is fantastic.  Congratulations!
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  • That was a truly inspiring birth story! How did you keep such detailed notes on the birth? I felt like I was right there with you. Thanks SO much for sharing!
  • I had asked my Mom to keep notes as to what time things happened so I would have it to look at later.  I definitely could not have recalled all that otherwise - it was totally a blur.
  • This was awesome to read - especially as I am a first time preggo!  I'm planning on having a natural childbirth myself and reading stories like yours helps me to stay brave and confident!  Thank you so much for sharing! 
  • Question....did you tear at all?

  • I had 2 real tear, just a couple "skid marks" as my doctor called them, requiring just 1 stitch each. She gave me the option of having stitches or not, said that I would heal fine without but that it might hurt more to pee while they were I took them.
  • Wow, your birth story is amazing!  I agree with pp, it's like being there with you!  Congrats on your little boy, he is beautiful. 

    My mom had my old brother and sister naturally (she had an epi with me).  But I keep telling myself that if she could do it twice, hopefully I'll be able to do it (someday).  :) 

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful story! 

  • Buttercup, my Mom had both my sister and I naturally too. That was part of the reason I wanted her there...I knew that if she were there it would remind me that if she did it twice, I could do it too.
  • Congratulations saraem!  I remember being on the nest with you, and now here we are again.  I'm due the beginning of June and am planning a natural labor as well.
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