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any Moms who have scoliosis?

Looking for birth stories from Moms who have scoliosis. TIA

Re: any Moms who have scoliosis?

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    I don't but a good friend of mine does... she has a lil girl and had a long labor but turned out well.

    She was in labor for 3 days trying to go vaginal but it didn't end up happening. Also she had to be put out for her c-section because the scoliosis made the epidural not take (I guess they tried several times and just wouldn't work because of where her spine was fused)

    In the end though, healthy baby and healthy mama!

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    I have scoliosis and had an epidural. The epidural wore off after 3 hours so they 'topped it off'. I then had an allergic reaction that caused my whole body to be numb, and my DS's heartrate dropped a lot. They ended up turning the epidural off, and I delivered vaginally an hour later. I received a 3rd degree tear.....but that's another story..... My pregnancy was very painful due to lots of back pain.
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    I was never diagnosed w/ scoliosis, but when I got an epidural w/ DS the dr. poked me four or five times because he said my spine was crocked.  Well with DD they never had a problem, so I was shocked and really uncomfortable!  The epidural never worked and I felt everything.  Thank God I didn't tear!
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    Yes, I had the surgery several years ago. With my first child I was unable to get the epidural and the labor was 13 hours and pretty intense. 
    The second time around, I brought in an Xray of my back, hoping that would help, and the dr. was able to see exactly how much "epidural space" I had, which was barely any and why it didn't work the first time.  He was really focused and sympathetic to my experience last time, and it worked beautifully!! The labor and delivery was less than 3 hours and almost painless.
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    I had the herrington rods put in my back when I was about 12 years old - I had an S-curve and they only corrected the top curve, so I still have a slight curve in my lower back. I had my DD in Aug of 2006 and did it completely drug free - I could have had an epidural, the anesthesiologist wanted an x-ray of my back (which I still has from when I was 12) but I decided on a natural birth to begin with.

    I didn't find my scoliosis or herrington rods to be a factor in my pregnancy or L&D in any way whatsoever. In fact, I think it may have helped if that makes sense, the rods helped support my back during pregnancy and I never had any back pain. Not sure that would have been the case without rods.

    If you want to chat more, you can email me at janelle at islandblissweddings dot com

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