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We arrived at the hospital for our induction on Monday, March 24th at 8:00pm. I was examined to find that I was around 50% effaced and 2 cm dilated. They began a slow drip of pitocin to start contractions. At 4:00am, they began increasing the dosage. Contractions became stronger and I was given Stayadal (sp?) at 8:00am. What a great drug! It really relaxed me and gave me a window of great rest. The doctor called to see how I was progressing and at 9:00am, he wanted to have them proceed with the epidural so that they could break my water. The doctor in-house had a hard time finding my bag of water, but finally, he was successful! The epidural wasn?t bad at all?very thankful that I had it! I?m not sure how women do a drug-free birth! I was completely numb from the waist down?yahoo!

Around noon, I was experiencing a lot of pressure and when I took a deep breath, I was having chest pains. So, they had just about every doctor rushing into my room to try and figure out what was going on. My heart rate was fine; Chase was fine; oxygen level was fine?the only thing that they could think of was that it was something to do with the epidural. They shut off the epidural for a bit and then resumed it at a lower level once the chest pains went away. At 1:00pm, I was 5cm dilated. At 3:00pm, I was completely dilated and ready to start pushing! I was getting nervous as I watched the nurses bring in the warming station and all of the prep stuff for delivery.

The nurses contacted my doctors and in the meantime, I was doing practice pushes. Well, she said that I was doing an excellent job with pushing and needed to stop, as we wanted to wait for the doctor to arrive. At this time, they topped off my epidural (can?t think of the medical phrase that they used). I was having a lot of pressure on my right pubic area as well as pain on the right side of my lower back. They figured it was just that the epidural wasn?t getting into that ?pocket?. When they topped off the epidural, it made things oh so much better.

The doctor arrived around 3:45pm and was impressed to see all of the progress that I had made. When I did the first push for him, he was very concerned as he could see that part of my hymen that was partially covering my vaginal opening. It was like a diagonal area. So, he had to do some surgery, as I was beginning to tear with the practice pushes and if he didn?t do it before we continued pushing, I would be in a lot of trouble. So, with that out of the way, I pushed a few more times.

Chase William was born at 4:28pm and weighed a healthy 6 pounds 10 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. We were all shocked of his last growth spurt of a pound, as he had measured on the small side of the scale from week 30 on.

While it was a truly wonderful labor and delivery experience, the recovery has been tough. I had a second degree tear along with internal tearing due to the problems with the hymen. He ended up removing a portion of the hymen and then had to stitch up the tear along with reconstructing the muscle down there. Vertical and horizontal stitches?.a total of 100+ stitches!!! OUCHY! Thankfully I was numb during this time of repair!

I attempted to nurse; however, my heart and soul just wasn?t into it. I followed my heart and am formula feeding. The amount of pain that I experienced with the tearing etc., unfortunately helped me make this quick decision. I did however attempt to nurse, but nothing was happening and my inverted nipples didn?t make it any easier!

Our first 2 nights at home have been great. Chase sleeps all the time and only cries when he is ready to eat. We are usually up 2 times at night and then he allows us to sleep for about 5 hours straight. Hopefully he?ll continue to be a happy and content baby for his Mommy and Daddy! I gained a total of 21 pounds or so and only have 12 pounds left to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight...yeah!

My husband has been great and has helped with everything! I'm going to try to PIP. If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this post...just give me some time to reply!

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    Congrats on your baby boy! It stinks that you had so many tearing problems but don't feel guilty about not breast feeding! At least you gave it a shot. thats what formula was invented for! GL!
    My 2 girls, both born on a Friday the 13th, are exactly 2 years, 2 months, 2 hours and 2 minutes apart! And Baby Boy joined us October 11, 2013! image
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    Congratulations!!! So adorable..........Hope you'll have a speedy recovery.
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