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Should have posted here - long birth story :D

Finally! Our little angel princess is here! So...just to give the background: Little Georgia Marie was breech from 27 weeks on. Despite my best efforts to get her to turn around, she simply wasn't able, thus resulting in a scheduled c-section for April 4. My OB originally wanted to do it at 39 weeks, but, having heard story after story about babies turning at the last minute either right before or during labor, I really wanted to give her every chance to turn, so we scheduled it for the following week, the day of which just so happened to be my birthday. The doctor warned me that babies have a mind of their own and that I could end up going into labor, which was fine with me, but so long as we were "scheduling" childbirth, I wanted to make sure that a) I was as close to full term as possible, and b) that my mom, who was not scheduled to be here until this past Monday was here. I had my mom tell the baby in utero on speakerphone that she had to wait until Grandma got here, then she could come at any time. First thing I learned about my baby: watch what you say, she'll take it LITERALLY! The night my mother arrived, she made a great dinner for me and DH, which included my favorite veggie: collard greens. A g.f. of mine said "girl, don't you eat those collards, you'll go into labor tonite!" I laughed at the OWT and proceeded to chow down...Second thing I learned: some OWT's are true! LOL. At 4 o'clock a.m. I got up to go to the bathroom and felt a lot of cramping and pressure, not unlike what I'd been feeling for the past couple of weeks. I also thought I might have a UTI, so I stumbled back to bed, uncomfortable, angry, and frustrated. 4:30-ish, another pain, more intense but similar to the last. The doctor said I was having mild contractions since 38 weeks, some so mild they couldn't even be felt. She said these were like "warm-up contractions. " So I chalked it up to a warm-up and fell back asleep. 4:57--back in the bathroom, and another one. OK, now DH is up, I'm a little like "hmm...could it be....labor???" But still not convinced. 10 minutes on the dot later (5:07) another one. And 10 minutes later another one, for more than half an hour. Then they started coming a little less frequently, ranging from 12 - 15 minutes. Then they went back to 10. And then they stretched out a little and went back to 10. I told DH we'd give it til 7 a.m. and then call the doctor. We called--twice--only to find out Dr. was in labor and delivery and could not get back to us right away. At this point, I'm in serious denial, convinced that this is false labor and that they will probably subside later. The procedure isn't scheduled for another 4 days, and I still have stuff I need to do! Ha! Doctor calls us back and says, "I'm already at the hospital, come on in." WTF? Next thing I know, we are driving to the hospital in the middle of rush hour (miraculously there is very little traffic). We get there, and after admitting me (in like 10 minutes) I'm getting prepped for the O.R. The whole time I'm kind of like "For real? We're doing this? Now?" DH and mom sat with me during the OR prep to get dressed, hook up my IV, give my surgical history and take my things. Then they gave DH clothes to wear in the OR and Mom politely excused herself because her "baby" was about to have a baby and she just couldn't take it! LOL. The one part hubby stays out for is the administration of the anesthesia in the spine, which I actually wish he had been there for. My grandmother (after whom Georgia is named) died from a spinal gone wrong and I was extremely nervous. But the OB, the anesthesiologist and the rest of the docs assured me this was nothing like it and that even if there was a complication like the one my grandmother experienced (some 60 years ago) they had ways of addressing it and no way would it be fatal. I swear it was less than 15 minutes before I was laid out on the table and hubby was there in his surgical mask, scrubs and hat, talking to me, trying to distract me from what they were doing down below. At one point he asked "can I kiss her?" they were like "sure!" Next thing I know they're like "OK you're going to feel a lot of pressure" Ya think??? I've NEVER felt anything like that in my life. I don't even know how to describe it! Like a 10 ton weight pushing your internal organs into your chest? And then, next thing you know "we're pulling her out." Oh yeah, anyone who says you have not "given birth" if you have a c-section--well, has never had a c-section LOL. You FEEL that baby coming out of you! Doctor: She's out!" DH: "She's out?" Me: Well, something came out! Laughter all around... The doc explained to me oh, about 80 times that the baby would not cry when she first came out b/c she was coming out butt first. So she said it for the last time right before they got her out, but when they go her, you could hear a sweet little noise and they said "aww, she's cooing! how cute! let's clean her up!" Next thing you know, she is screaming bloody murder. I was hoping she would not inherit her father's EXTREMELY LOUD voice...guess what? Daddy's little girl... I couldn't see her at all, but all I kept hearing from the OR staff was "Look at all the hair! Oh my God, she has so much hair! She's so cute! Oh, she's beautiful!" I am dying to see her! But they are still doing whatever they do. DH is even saying "Oh, honey she's so cute" Hello!!!! Then someone comes and shoves this cleaned off wrapped up shiny baby in my face and says "here's your baby!" All I could see was my DH's mouth and nose. And all I could think was, "wow, my child looks nothing like me!" Then they whisked her away. Right before they took her I touched her little cheek and my heart just MELTED! I spent the next half hour or so getting sewed up an DH went with the baby and delivered the good news to my mom. I was in recovery for a while, because they wouldn't release me back to a room and to REALLY see my baby until I could move my lower extremeties. So I was trying to do like Beatrice Kiddo from "Kill Bill" and will myself to wiggle my big toe. Once this mission was accomplished, I slowly but surely began to wiggle everything until I could lift my knees off the gurney. FINALLY, I got to go back to the room and DH wheeled her in in the hospital bassinet. The nurses gave her to me to nurse for the first time, and I put my breastfeeding class knowledge to work. Lo and behold the little tyke latched on immediately and went to town! They were so impressed! "A natural nurser!" they said. And she finally opened her eyes! Mommy's eyes! I love this little girl so much! She has been home one day and is just a joy to be around. She slept in her own room the very first night and is doing great. My recovery is going really well, and I'm actually glad DH and I had the four nights in the hospital together with the baby. He is a champion diaper changer and swaddler, and just the greatest about letting mommy get her rest so she can recover--and produce more milk! I resisted how my story was unfolding at every turn (didn't want her to stay breech, didn't want a c-section, thought it was a false alarm) but in the end, we were first in line for the operation b/c I went into labor, whereas I was #5 on the scheduled list for Friday and would have been subject to waiting for everyone before me and anyone in labor. The doctor was already at the hospital so there was no waiting, and the day before I left the hospital (the day I was supposed to come in) there was a HUGE rush of people going into labor. So it all worked out for the best! I wish you all a complication free delivery and a great baby story! :D

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