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Water Birth Question

I am planning to birth in water at my hospital and was just wondering what other womens experiences were with this. What do you think are the benefits of it? What are things you wish were different? Did it help with labor pains? Did you wear anything while in the water or were you naked?

Although I was dedicated to having a completely natural childbrith before, after seeing "The Business of Being Born," there is no doubt in my mind that this is how I want give birth. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it to everyone!

Re: Water Birth Question

  • My hospital will let me labor as long as I want to in the tub, but delivery has to be otherwise...you're lucky! 

    Watching TBOBB was the best thing I've ever done!  I'm constantly telling everyone about it.  After watching that, how could anyone ever want to not give birth naturally! :)

  • My friend had her second in the water and my sister almost had her second in the water, but didn't feel like she could push very well, so she climbed out for the last few pushes. 

    My friend's second labor was super fast - only at the hospital for 45 min before the birth, but she had very little streatching and no tearing.  She also said it was very peaceful. 

    My sister loved laboring in the tub, but as I said, she felt like she wanted solid ground for pushing. 

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