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William Kent's Birth Story

Born: April 17th at 12:31AM
8 lbs 1 oz
21 inches long

About 4 hours after my after tax season party (great timing huh?) I started having contractions and was awakened from the pain (around 2 AM). I sat up all night on the couch counting and timing the contractions. I knew that this was the beginning (this was the morning of the 16th ? my due date). I didn?t wake DH since I knew they weren?t close enough to bother him with. When he woke up at 5:30, he freaked! ? However I told him to go to work and we?d go to my scheduled appointment at 9:30 since they were still about 8-10 minutes apart. Well we went in for our appointment and of course the contractions stop! They had me do an NST and nothing! I was so bummed! She stripped my membranes and told me to go for a walk. DH and I headed to the mall and walked for about an hour and then went out to eat. We then headed home and I laid down for a nap (about 2 PM). Well at about 2:15 the contractions started again and were closer together (apparently my child did not want me rested). I took a bath and relaxed for the afternoon at home. Around 5:30 we went for a short walk and then came in to shower. After I got out of the shower they started coming at about 5 minutes apart. We grabbed our suitcase and headed to the hospital.

We got to the hospital around 6:30-7:00 and had to wait for about ? for a room. Once in the room she put me on the monitor and checked me. I was about 4 cm and 70% effaced. At my appt that morning I was at 3 cm and 50% effaced. She told us to walk for about ? hour and then she?d check again. When we were checked again I was about 5-6 cm and 100% effaced ? this was it! We were immediately moved to a labor room. Since I didn?t want medication I decided to jump in the whirlpool tub. Now wasn?t that a site! I laid there with a towel over me, eating a popsicle, and dealing with the contractions. During this time I was still smiling and so excited. I was dealing with the contractions well. Once I got out of the tub (around 10:30PM) the contractions starting getting stronger. I was checked and at 8 cm! She asked if I wanted her to just break my water. I said sure since she said it was on the verge of it happening on it?s own. Once my water broke the contractions started coming one after another and were very strong. About an hour later I was checked and at 10 cm and ready to push! ? I couldn?t believe I was doing this with no epidural! She had asked if I wanted meds around 11 and I let them give me some feteral (sp?) which only made me feel drunk and did nothing for the pain.

Well my doctor arrived just in time! After about 40 minutes of pushing William Kent was welcomed into the world. Apparently (according to my mom), Will came out so fast that my doctor didn?t even notice since her head was turned the other way. Because of this she wasn?t able to ?ease? him out of my so I got pretty tore up. However I didn?t care one bit. He came out screaming and healthy. My mom was in the room with me and ran out to get my dad. We told him right away the name (Kent is his name) and everyone was crying! My DH was so emotional and it was such an amazing moment that I will never forget. Unfortunately since Will did a number on me, it took my dr. about an hour and ? to sew me up. That was very uncomfortable since I could feel every stitch. They had to put a catheter in since I ripped as badly as I did however they were able to take that out the next morning.

We were in the hospital for two days. Breastfeeding was definitely a challenge but well worth it. Things are going so well and Will is such an amazing baby. We are truly blessed and thank God every day.

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