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Long labor- vacuum delivery story- long

Labor started at 9:45 on Sunday night.  The contractions were bad right from the start.  I could not sleep at all and labored in the bath tub all night long.  By 5 am they were 5 min apart.  At 9 am they were still 5 min apart and we decided to get ready for the hospital.  We arrived at the hospital around 10 am and I was dialated to 3cm.  It was Memorial day and my Doc's office was not on call.  The sister office doc was on call because of the holiday. I was put on a monitor and watched for 2 hours.  I had no progress in the 2 hours that I was at the hospital, so the doc sent me home.  He said that since he did not know me he did not want to do anything like break my water to get things going faster.  I was so defeated when we were on our way home.  I was in pain and had been having contractions for over 13 hours at this point.
My DH was great- he said we will go home and get some food and try to relax. That did not happen.  I was in lots of pain but was scared to go back to the hospital.  I did not want to be sent home again. 
At home I walked around alot and was having bad back labor.  I spent most of the afternoon in the bathtub- which offered minimal relief.  Around 7pm we went for a long walk and picked out boys names- last minute good thing, I was convinced it was a girl- suprise for me!
We go home at 9pm and I was already exhausted by this point, but still scared to go to the hospital.  DH fell asleep. I was in lots of pain at this point.  Around 11:30 I woke DH and said that I had to go to the hospital.  I didn't care if they wanted to send me home again, I would cry and beg for drugs if I had to.
We arrived at the hospital at 12:01am- on my due day!  We got to L&D and told them we were there earlier, I got all gowned up again and the nurse checked me- I was 6cm at this point.  The contractions were so bad and I was ready to cry. 
The same doc who sent me home was on and he came in and checked me.  He decided at this point to break my water. I asked for an epidural.  They decided to push a liter of fluid before I could get the epidural.  THIS WAS THE WORST THING EVER! It was so cold.  I was shaking uncontrobally.  I could not stop.  They layered me with warm blankets- this did not help at all.  I was shaking so bad and in so much pain becuase the contractions came on so much stronger with my water bag broken.  I was loosing it and the nurse grabbed me by my shoulder and shook me and said "you are loosing it- I can't have this- get a grip or you can't have an epidural" This knocked me back to sense and I was trying to cope better.  I had been in labor for 27 hours at this point, I was exhausted already, and had not slept since Sat night.
The doc came in to do the epidural.  It was 2am by this time.  He got the epi in after what seemed like forever.  He said you will only feel one or two more contractions.  I was excited for the pain to be over.  Well 15 min and 5 contractions later- I'm still in pain.  He comes back and decides that they need to take out the first epi and put another one in.  He could not get the cath through the tendons in my back because they are so tight.  He tried 8 times that I know of, because DH counted 8 holes in my back.  Finally he got it in- nearly pushing me off the table in the process.  It is now 3:30am.  Finally by 3:45 pain relief and sleep! This is the happiest I have been in days!
At 7 am the nurse came in and checked me, I was 8-9cm at this point and 100% effaced.  She said my doc would be in at 9am and to sleep til then. 
9am- 10 cm fully dialated ready to push? still tired, but ready to meet my lil one, a wave of stregnth came over me. I can do this- I looked at the clock and thought to my self this baby will be out by 11am.  I was wrong.
During pushing and contractions the fetal hr would drop to 90 bpm and take a few seconds longer then they liked to recover.  So they put me on oxygen and I was only pushing on every other contraction.  After an hour the doc thought that I would need a c-section.  I was terrified of the recovery from this.  When the doc was not in the room the nurse had me get in knee chest position to push.  This helped the babys hr and I was allowed to continue.  Fast forward to 12:30- no baby yet more then 3 hours of pushing- Doc comes in and says I would hate to section you at this point- I said me too.  He asked the nurse if I was a good pusher and she said all but the first 15 min have been great. 
They decided to try the vacuum with me, and told me if it did not work, I was going for a c-section right away.  I was prepped for the section, DH got scrubs the whole nine yards.  It all happened so fast.  Then they got the vacuum and hooked it up.  The doc said I need you to keep pushing and ge right back to it without stopping.  That is what I did.  For about 5 minutes I constantally pushed with only a breath and then right back into it.  Carter was sunny side up, which is why he was making such a slow trip down the birth canal. The vacuum popped off just as he was crowning.  The doc did an episomoty and turned the baby and he popped right out.  He went right to the perinatologist due to the rough delivery, the vacuum, the decelarations in his heart rate and 4 hours of pushing. 
He was perfect after all that- 9 and 9 on his apgars. He had a mark from the vacuum on his head that is almost all healed now, but other then that he is perfect.

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