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Brady Michael's Birth Story

Brady arrived on Saturday June 7th via a scheduled induction and vaccuum assisted birth.  Here is his birth story:
At my 38.5 week appointment my midwife said I was 4 cm and 90% effaced.  We decided that since I had been contracting on my own for several weeks now that I just needed a little kick start to get labor going.  So, we were scheduled for an induction on Friday the 6th at 7 am.  The morning of the induction we got called around 5am saying that we needed to hold off because they were too full and needed to discharge some patients before we could come in.  Luckily, they soon called back and told us to come down around 1:00.  We arrived at the hospital and get settled in and all the monitors got hooked up.  About 3:00 they finally administered the pitocin and got things going.  I got checked around 5:40 by my midwife and I was still the same so they decided to break my water.  After that, things really got going.  Contractions started coming every 1 to 2 minutes but they were still bearable.  By about 7:00 the contractions were starting to get really painful and had moved to my back so at 7:45 I asked for the epidural.  She checked me and I was 7cm at that point.  Unfortunately, the anesthesiologist was finishing up a C-section and they said it would some time before he could come in.  It was literally the longest 45 minutes of my life.  Once it was in, the epidural was sweet relief.  They checked me again and I was 9 cm.  I went from 7 to 9 in an hour and most of that without the epidural.  By 9:45 I was at 10 cm and 0 station but they decided to let me labor down for awhile.  We started pushing around 11pm but my midwife thought I was a little too numb from the epidural to be too effective so she had it turned down a bit and we waited until 1:30am to try again.  I pushed for about two hours and he made it down to my pubic bone, but wouldn't go any further.  She decided to have me take a break because I was so tired from pushing and she if he would labor down on his own a bit more.  She also tried manually turning him a bit so he would fit through.  At about 5:30 she called in an OB from her practice to come and see if she thought we would be able to push him out.  She tried rotating him manually again and thought that it was possible, but was going to be difficult.  So, at 6:00, they let me try pushing again.  I pushed for another hour and he made some progress, but his head wouldn't completely clear my pubic bone.  At 7, the OB strongly recommended we either try the vaccuum or go straight in for a C section.  I got this far and decided that I wanted to at least give it one more try before we had to go the C section route.  She said she would give it three contractions with the vaccuum, otherwise it was C-section time.  Luckily on the second one at 7:17am Brady Michael entered this world.  The doctors determined that his head was turned slightly to the side in the birth canal and that is why he wouldn't come out on his own.  He weighed 7 lbs 9 oz and was 21 inches long.  I have a few pictures of him in my bio if you want to take a peek. 

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